All Cypriot companies are required to maintain proper accounting books and records and prepare audited financial statements in accordance with IFRS (except the dormant companies).

Despite of the statutory audit exception granted by the Company Law to small companies (certain criteria exist), the Tax Legislation gives exception only for the dormant companies. Thus the statutory audit is required by all companies. The audited financial statements form the basis for the tax computations and for the preparation of the corporate income tax return which is required by the tax authorities to be certified and submitted by a registered auditor or a professional tax advisor

The financial statements must be submitted together with an Annual Return including details of details the share capital, shareholders, directors and secretary to the Registrar of Companies.

The only fixed taxation for all companies is the Levy of €350 which is payable on annual basis to the Registrar of Companies. Additional compliance requirements of the Cyprus Tax Legislation, other administration issues as well as possible tax liabilities are outlined in the relevant taxation sections.

"A combination of tax and non-tax incentives helped Cyprus to be established as an International Business Centre.
Your first option is to relocate your business in Cyprus and use Cyprus for your operations either in Europe or Worldwide. The second general option is to include a Cyprus Company in your structure to get advantage of the tax incentives and its wide network of DDT.
We will be happy to provide you with our comprehensive advice on tax planning solutions, on request, once we have information about your existing structure, your activities and your needs."